Nik Collection Mac 概述

Nik Collection 的 Adobe Lightroom 和 Photoshop 图像编辑插件现已推出新版本。这一点现在已经由法国软件公司 DxO 宣布。2012 年 9 月,谷歌从汉堡软件公司 Nik Software 手中接过了插件集,最初是付费的,后来也免费提供——但没有产品维护。随后 DxO 在 2017 年底接管了谷歌的 Nik Collection,并开始翻新经典的图像效果。

新版本现在也意味着免费版 Google 的终结。DxO 承诺 Nik Collection 2018 将完全兼容最新的 Mac 和 PC 操作系统,以及最新的 Adobe CC 产品,如 Lightroom 和 Photoshop (Elements)。还有四种语言的客户支持,包括德语。很快,DxO 也想在新网站上提供教程。该插件提供 13 种语言版本。

DxO 的 Nik Collection Mac 概览

  • 模拟 Efex Pro
  • Color Efex Pro
  • Silver Efex Pro
  • 维韦扎
  • 精细
  • 卷笔刀专业版
  • HDR Efex Pro


DxO 将 Nik Collection 2018 作为独立应用程序或作为具有七个模块的插件集合提供:

  • Analog Efex Pro:此滤镜模拟不同模拟电影的典型外观。
  • Color Efex Pro:除了色彩校正滤镜,此插件还提供修饰和创意效果。
  • Dfine:考虑到每台相机的具体情况,Dfine 降低了画面噪点。
  • HDR Efex Pro:顾名思义,HDR Efex Pro 是 HDR 图像的专家。使用不同的预设可以实现最不同的效果。
  • Sharpener Pro:该插件旨在使锐化图像更容易。
  • Silver Efex Pro:黑白照片的专家基于暗房校正的工作方法。
  • Viveza:Viveza 负责局部色彩和色调调整。

* 从安装程序中删除了 PerspectiveEfex(未加密)

Nik Collection’s image editing plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are now available in a new version. This has now the French software company DxO announced. In September 2012, Google had taken over the plug-in collection from the Hamburg software company Nik Software and initially paid for, later also offered for free – but without product maintenance . Then DxO took over Google’s Nik Collection in late 2017 and has begun refurbishing the classic image effects.

The new release now also means the end of the free version of Google. DxO promises that the Nik Collection 2018 will be fully compatible with the latest Mac and PC operating systems, as well as the latest Adobe CC products such as Lightroom and Photoshop (Elements). There is also customer support in four languages, including German. Soon, DxO also wants to offer tutorials on the new website . The plug-in is available in 13 languages.

Overview of Nik Collection Mac by DxO Features

  • Analog Efex Pro
  • Color Efex Pro
  • Silver Efex Pro
  • Viveza
  • Dfine
  • Sharpener Pro
  • HDR Efex Pro

7 plug-ins for image effects

DxO Offers the Nik Collection 2018 as a stand-alone application or as a plug-in collection with seven modules:

  • Analog Efex Pro: This filter simulates the typical look of different analogue films.
  • Color Efex Pro: In addition to color correction filters, this plug-in provides retouching and creative effects.
  • Dfine: Taking into account the specifics of each camera, Dfine reduces the picture noise.
  • HDR Efex Pro: As the name suggests, HDR Efex Pro is the specialist for HDR images. With different presets the most different effects can be achieved.
  • Sharpener Pro: The plugin is designed to make sharpening images easier.
  • Silver Efex Pro: The specialist for black and white shots is based on the working method of darkroom corrections.
  • Viveza: Viveza is responsible for local color and tonal adjustments.

* PerspectiveEfex removed from installer (no k’ed)


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