Capture One PRO的工作流程采用了很多高级专业数码摄影师的意见,包含的工具和功能都是专业摄影师所需要的,飞思Capture One PRO的工作流程在高端数码摄影领域享有盛誉是因为高质量的图像质量和有效的功能。

Capture One PRO拥有无限制批量冲洗功能,多张对比输出功能,色彩曲线编辑,数码信息支持,附加对数码相机RAW文件支持以及其它的功能。Capture One PRO也提供最好的转换质量和工作流,可算RAW转换软件的标准

Capture One Pro 10 旨在支持专业摄像师和摄影爱好者的广泛应用,他能为用户提供具有精确色彩和惊人细节的极致图像质量,在色彩细节方面强于PS,可兼容于市面上多达不同的高端相机,并且能够出色呈现来自400多种数码相机型号的图形色彩和细节。我们相信,这款产品会成为目前最强大、响应最迅速、用户可定制程度最高的图像处理工具!

Language: Multilingual | File size: 544 MB
Capture One is a professional RAW converter offering you ultimate image quality with beautiful colors and incredible detail for more than 500 high-end cameras. It offers state- of-the-art tethered capture, powerful digital asset management, extensive adjustment tools and a flexible workflow through customizable workspaces.

With an updated processing engine, market-leading performance and powerful new features, Capture One is the professional choice in imaging software. You get the highly responsive precision tools you need to create stunning images from your camera’s RAW files in a time-saving workflow that can be customized to fit your needs.

New features and improvements
• Speed Edit
• Dehaze
• Improved importer

General User Experience Improvements and tweaks
• HEIF support
• Easy brush adjusting
• Improved performance
• Colored gradients on White Balance Sliders
• Enhanced tooltips
• Easy access to Tutorials
Release Notes

Supported Operation Systems:
macOS 10.13 or later 64-bit



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